Program Details

Workshop location: AMPEL/Brimcombe building, Room 111, 2355 East Mall, UBC

Presentation format: 40 minutes
(30 min. presentation + 10 min. discussion)


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Invited Speakers
T.P. Devereaux T. Miller S. Shin
M. Grioni E.W. Plummer H. Takagi
F.J. Himpsel F. Rosei L.H. Tjeng
A. Kaminski E. Rotenberg A.-M.S. Tremblay
S. Kevan D.D. Sarma H.H. Weitering
A. Macridin G.A. Sawatzky B.O. Wells


Friday April 29th - AMPEL Room 311:

8:00 Coffee & Donuts  
8:30 Welcome and introduction  

Session 1 – Chairperson: M. Grioni

8:40 E. Rotenberg Trends in Photoemission at the Advanced Light Source
9:20 S. Shin Ultrahigh-resolution photoemission study of superconductors and strongly-correlated materials using quasi-CW VUV Laser
10:00 W. Plummer A spectroscopic view of electron-phonon coupling at metal surfaces
10:40 Coffee break

Session 2 – Chairperson: A.-M. Tremblay

11:00 T. Devereaux Theory of Electron-Phonon Coupling in the Cuprates
11:40 G. Sawatzky ARPES and the role of electron –boson interactions
12:20 Lunch AMPEL Room 211

Session 3 – Chairperson: H. Takagi

13:20 B. Wells New Materials: Electronic Phase Separation and Non-Equilibrium Structures
14:00 H. Weitering Superconductivity in quantum-confined Pb
14:40 F. Rosei Properties of Ge/Si nanostructures: alloying, stability and positioning
15:20 Coffee Break

Session 4 – Chairperson: D.D. Sarma

15:40 T. Miller Quantum Electronic Properties of Nanoscale Thin Films Explored Using Angle-Resolved Photoemission
16:20 S. Kevan Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy on chromium films
17:00 AMPEL tour  

18.30 Refreshments at Sage Bistro
19:00 Dinner at Sage Bistro


Saturday April 30th - AMPEL Room 311:

8:00 Coffee & Donuts  

Session 1 – Chairperson: W. Plummer

8:30 D.D. Sarma Spatially Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy to Probe Phase Separation in Manganites and Related Compounds
9:10 H. Tjeng Spin-resolved x-ray spectroscopy on magnetic oxides
9:50 A. Kaminski Surfing q-space with Auto-Correlated ARPES
10:30 Coffee break  

Session 2 – Chairperson: T. Devereaux

10:50 A. Macridin Single particle spectra of the Hubbard model in the pseudogap regime
11:30 A.-M. Tremblay Pseudogap in hole-doped and, especially, electron-doped HTSCs
12:10 Lunch
AMPEL Room 211

Session 3 – Chairperson: S. Kevan

13:00 F. Himpsel Spectroscopy of Atomic Chains at Surfaces
13:40 M. Grioni ARPES of two-dimensional modulated structures
14:20 H. Takagi Physics of t2g electrons in transition metal oxides
15:00 Coffee break  
15:15 T.K. Sham The VUV beamline at the Canadian Light Source
15:30 Open discussion A state-of-the-art ARPES facility at the Canadian Light Source