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LEES 08 - Vancouver
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08.15-08.30Welcome and Opening
 Advances in Manganites
Chair – Peter Littlewood
08.30-09.00Daniel Dessau
09.00-09.30Norman Mannella
09.30-10.00Mark Golden
10.00-10.30Jeroen van den Brink
 Developments in Optics I
Chair – Leonardo Degiorgi
11.00-11.30Natalia Drichko
11.30-12.00Toomas Rõõm
12.00-12.30Joseph Orenstein
 Novel Functional Interfaces I
Chair – Bernhard Keimer
02.00-02.30Jochen Mannhart
02.30-03.00Ilya Elfimov
03.00-03.30Christian Bernhard
 Novel Functional Interfaces II
Chair – Andrei Pimenov
04.00-04.30Peter Abbamonte
04.30-05.00Bernhard Keimer
05.00-06.30Posters and Exhibitions


 Graphene Physics I
Chair – Dirk van der Marel
08.30-09.00Alberto Morpurgo
09.00-09.30Eli Rotenberg
09.30-10.00Eva Andrei
10.00-10.30Allan MacDonald
 Graphene Physics II
Chair – Jules Carbotte
11.00-11.30Michael Martin
11.30-12.00Alexey Kuzmenko
12.00-12.30Gordon Semenoff
 Two Gaps in the HTSCs I
Chair – Vidya Madhavan
02.00-02.30Eric Hudson
02.30-03.00Ali Yazdani
03.00-03.30Joel Mesot
 Two Gaps in the HTSCs II
Chair – Michael Norman
04.00-04.30Tonica Valla
04.30-05.00Alain Sacuto
05.00-05.30Thomas Devereaux
05.30-06.30Business Meeting
08.30-10.00Posters and Exhibitions


Chair – Martin Dressel
08.30-09.00Andrei Pimenov
09.00-09.30Rolando Valdes Aguilar
09.30-10.00Peter Littlewood
10.10-10.40Ricardo Lobo
 Developments in Optics II
Chair – Tae-Won Noh
11.00-11.30Leonardo Degiorgi
11.30-12.00Alfred Leitenstorfer
12.00-12.30Aharon Kapitulnik
12.45-06.00Lunch, Excursion, etc.


 Attosecond and X-ray Spectroscopy I
Chair – Dimitri Basov
08.30-09.00Adrian Cavalieri
09.00-09.30Martin Wolf
09.30-10.00Matteo Rini
10.00-10.30Stefan Eisebitt
 Attosecond and X-ray Spectroscopy II
Chair – Martin Wolf
11.00-11.30Kelly Gaffney
11.30-12.00Fulvio Parmigiani
 Polaron Liquids I
Chair – Martin Wolf
12.00-12.30Dirk van der Marel
 Polaron Liquids II
Chair – Thomas Devereaux
02.00-02.30Kyle Shen
02.30-03.00Mona Berciu
03.00-03.30Emmanuele Cappelluti
 Ruthenates, Rhodates, Iridates
Chair – Aharon Kapitulnik
04.00-04.30Felix Baumberger
04.30-05.00Changyoung Kim
05.00-05.30Maurits Haverkort
05.30-06.00Tae-Won Noh
07.00-08.45Dinner and Evening Talk by George Gruner


 Developments in Optics II
Chair – Christian Bernhard
08.30-09.00Stefano Lupi
09.00-09.30Dimitri Basov
 Fermi Pockets in Underdoped HTSCs I
Chair – Christian Bernhard
09.30-10.00Seamus Davis
10.00-10.30Nicolas Doiron-Leyraud
 Fermi Pockets in Underdoped HTSCs II
Chair – Joseph Orenstein
11.00-11.30Douglas Bonn
11.30-12.00Dennis Drew
12.00-12.30Michael Norman
12.30-12.45Concluding Remarks and Farewell


L. BaldassarreQuasiparticle evolution and pseudogap formation in V2O3: an infrared study
A. Beiki-ArdakaniMetamagnetic quantum criticality in Sr3Ru2O7 probed by microwave spectroscopy
S. BlancDoping dependence of the ratio between the quasi-particle spectral weight and the slope of the superconducting gap in the cuprates: a Raman point of view
J.S. BobowskiBroadband Microwave Spectroscopy of Unconventional Superconductors
V. BrouetStrong many-body effects observed by angle-resolved photoemission study in "misfit cobaltates"
D.M. BrounMicrowave spectroscopy of highly underdoped YBa2Cu3O6.333
W.S. ChoiOptical spectroscopic investigations on multiferroic hexagonal RMnO3 thin films
R. ClaessenElectron-doping a Mott insulator: alkaline intercalation into Ti oxohalides
S. de JongElectronic structure of bilayered colossal magnetoresistant manganates
R. de SousaOptical coupling to spin waves in multiferroic materials
J.D. Denlinger3D electronic structure of multi-layer Sr ruthenates
M. DresselQuasiparticle dynamics in superconducting aluminum
D. FournierIn-situ doping control of the surface of high-Tc cuprates
M. García-
A resonant soft X-ray powder diffraction study to determine the orbital ordering in half doped A-site ordered manganites
L. GasparovElectronic Raman scattering in magnetite: spin vs. charge gap
P.J. HirschfeldLocal quasiparticle lifetimes in a d-wave superconductor
C.C. HomesOptical properties of the first high-temperature superconductor: La2-xBaxCuO4
M.A. HossainCrystal-field level inversion in lightly Mn-doped Sr3Ru2O7
H.J. ImDirect observation of dispersive Kondo resonance peaks in a heavy-fermion system
N.J.C. IngleCleaving-temperature dependence of layered-oxide surfaces
T. ItoVUV 3-dimensional angle-resolved photoemission study on CeTe2
M. JörgerRaising the bars in vacuum FT-IR spectroscopy: design advances and research applications
S.I. KimuraExcitonic instability in SmS: an infrared study on the black-to-golden phase transition under pressure
F. MasseeScanning tunneling microscopy on La2-2xSr1+2xMn2O7
H. MiyazakiDirect photoelectrical observation of electronic structure modification of EuO due to the ferromagnetic ordering
E.J. NicolOptical conductivity of biased bilayer graphene
A. NicolaouMetal-insulator transition in "misfits" cobaltates investigated by angleresolved photoemission
H. OkamuraPressure-tuning of the f electron localization and hybridization probed with infrared spectroscopy under high pressure
D.C. PeetsSingle-crystal growth and X-ray absorption spectroscopy of Tl2Ba2CuO6+x
J.C. PetersenUltrafast transient photoconductivity of the undoped cuprate Sr2CuCl2O2
T.Z. RegierA high resolution X-ray absorption investigation of the polyaromatic hydrocarbons
E. RitzFrequency-dependent hopping transport in Si:P
S. SchupplerDoping cobaltate with electrons: La1-xCexCoO3
S.S.A. SeoInfrared spectroscopy on oxide superlattice of a Mott insulator LaTiO3 and a band insulator SrTiO3: An evidence of metallic interface
K. TakuboElectronic structure of triangular lattices in NiGa2S4, FeGa2S4, and Fe2Ga2S5
L. TassiniCharge ordering phenomena and superconductivity in cuprates
J.L.M. van MechelenElectron-phonon interaction and charge carrier mass enhancement in electron doped alkali earth titanate semiconductors
Hiroki WadatiElectronic structure of the SrTiO3/LaAlO3 interface revealed by resonant soft x-ray scattering
T. YamauchiPrime-numbers sequence in vanadium oxides
A.M. ZagoskinQuantum metamaterials: Electromagnetic waves in a Josephson qubit line
X.Q. ZhouMicrowave flux-flow resistivity of YBa2Cu3O6.333 and Tl2Ba2CuO6+d across the cuprate phase diagram


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